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Starting a business is an exciting path full of new adventures. However, it is important to keep in mind that if you do not have the right protections in place for your business, you may be responsible for damages caused to third parties, and your business could be in danger.

The first step in protecting your business is to have the right insurance. Especially if you use vehicles for yourself and your employees, or if your business transports physical products or livestock, especially since commercial vehicles are more likely to be involved in accidents.

At 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title we provide you with the necessary information so that you obtain the best commercial insurance based on your specific business needs.

Our commitment to you is to make this process as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus on what’s important, growing your business. 

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Call or visit us today at 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title in Glen Burnie MD.

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We will request basic information from you and your business in order to find the best possible coverage.

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Commercial Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is one of the most economical insurances for new drivers and is characterized by only covering damages caused to third parties. This means that in the event of an accident, which you are responsible, your insurance will respond for the damage you cause to other properties

On the other hand, in the event of an accident where you are the victim, the responsible party’s insurance will pay for your damages, not your car insurance.

Liability insurance covers damages caused to third parties in the event that you are responsible for the accident.

If you are not responsible for the accident and you have Liability insurance, it will be the at-fault party’s insurance that will be responsible for paying for your personal injuries and other losses.


The ideal decision for this situation is for you to contact a lawyer.

You will be entirely responsible for all damages caused, not your insurance.

On the other hand, you could receive fines or penalties for not having valid insurance at the time of the accident.

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