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ith 20 years of experience, we have been dedicated to serving the Glen Burnie community and nearby areas. We take pride in our commitment to providing reliable and quality customer service.

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Unlike other places that offer you temporary plates online, we have MDOT permits and a physical office where you can come and get your Maryland temporary plates the same day. The process is quick and easy.

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Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title
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Be Careful with Paper
Temporary Plates:

30-day temporary paper plates/tags are no longer valid in Maryland.
If you need to get a temporary plate or a 30-day registration to move your vehicle, we can help!

Why aren't paper tags used anymore?

Temporary paper tags used to be common in Maryland, but it’s likely fake if someone is selling you one now.

Maryland authorities had to intervene when scammers began easily printing fake paper plates, causing legitimate owners serious trouble.

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Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title

Requirements for applying for temporary plates or 30-day plates in Maryland:

How do temporary
plates work?

Temporary plates in Maryland are issued to give vehicle owners enough time to complete the registration process and receive permanent plates.

Here are some examples of when a person can get temporary tags:

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How do
temporary plates work?

Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title

How long does a
temporary plate last?

Provisional plates or temporary tags in Maryland last 30 days and cannot be renewed. This is the law; there’s no way to extend this privilege.

How can I get temporary
plates in Maryland?

Temporary plates or 30-day plates can be obtained:

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What are the requirements for getting
a temporary paper plate?

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The requirements for obtaining a temporary plate in Maryland are simple. You need to have the original vehicle ownership documents, such as the vehicle title, bill of sale if necessary, valid identification, and vehicle insurance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 301-323-8407.

Note: You will get metal plates for 30 days, not paper plates.

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How can I tell if a
plate is fake?

Identifying a fake plate can be difficult, but identifying scammers is easier.

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Be careful if

What happens if you get caught with
fake temporary plates?

The PROBLEMS can be quite BIG!

If you are caught using fake temporary plates and have not properly registered your vehicle, you could lose your vehicle permanently, as you will be driving an illegal vehicle that the police must seize.

Note: You will not be able to recover your vehicle if you do not have the necessary documentation to prove ownership.

Keep in mind that if you bought or were sold fake plates, you never properly registered your vehicle and won’t be able to prove that you own the vehicle. It is important to remember that if you bought or were sold fake license plates, you did not correctly register your vehicle and will not be able to prove ownership.

You could face fines, other penalties, and even jail time for driving a vehicle without plates, with fake plates, or for other related offenses.

Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title

Where can you get temporary plates today in Maryland?

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Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title
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You can get temporary tags today from an MDOT-authorized Tag and Title in Maryland, like 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title.

We can help you with the 30-day temporary plate and register your vehicle for two years. We can assist you with obtaining a 30-day temporary plate and registering your vehicle for two years if you choose.

Call us for more information or visit our Glen Burnie, Maryland office.

706 Crain Highway North, Suite | Glen Burnie MD 21061 United States

Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title

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Temporary Tag in Maryland | 1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title
1A Maryland Registration Tag & Title

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